BigHat Biosciences Raises $75 Million in Series B Funding to Design Safer, More Effective Antibodies

BigHat Biosciences is a biotech company founded in 2019 designing safer, more effective next-generation antibody therapies for patients with the combination of machine learning and synthetic biology. The company is led by a team of experts spanning machine learning, molecular biology, drug development, and medicine.

Considering the complexity and cost of drug development, the (bio)pharmaceutical industry drastically needs breakthrough innovation enabling faster drug discovery and development. BigHat’s innovative platform is combining complex AI-powered algorithms and a wet lab working in close iteration to be able to synthesize, express, purify, and characterize antibodies in a fraction of the time needed for traditional labs to guide the search for better molecules.

The company is currently developing several programs both internally and through partnerships with large pharmaceutical partners. This fresh capital will enable BigHat to advance its internal pipeline of therapeutics towards clinical trials, continue hiring key talents and accelerate strategic collaborations with flagship partners.

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